we named the robot Icarus on a whim after I made a joke about the turret "looking too far to the left," and strangling itself, much like the fable of Icarus flying too close to the sun. the fable of Icarus is a cautionary tale. and the lesson of the fable can be learned through the trials and tribulations of Icarus, the robot, as well. our robot flew too close to the sun. we flew too close to the sun. but we worked hard. we reattached our wax wings. and Icarus flew longer. as long as he possibly could have. from here, we can only hope to improve. Icarus's journey may be over; but ours has only begun. we'll see you next year.





January 6, 2024

FIM District LSSU Event 

March 14 to March 16, 2024 

FIM District CMU


March 28 to March 30, 2024 

FIRST in Michigan State Championship

April 4 to April 6, 2024

FIRST Championship - FIRST Robotics Competition

April 17 to April 20, 2024